Silicone Mermaid Tops

Silicone Mermaid Tops

With the magical silicone mermaid tops from Mermaid Kat Shop UK you can upgrade any mermaid outfit. Create a silicone mermaid top that matches your silicone mermaid tail or create your own individual look. Your Mermaid Kat silicone top will make you the highlight at any occasion. You can choose between our standard Silicone Mermaid Top and our Silicone Scale Mermaid Top.

We make all our silicone mermaid tops by hand and to your personal measurements. We use a high quality and skin friendly dragon skin silicone. The colors we use are also friendly to your skin and the environmental . They are of course free of any toxins.

Our silicone mermaid tops will make you the highlight on the beach – even when you are out of your mermaid tail. A silicone mermaid top is a great top up for your fabric mermaid tail and wonderful combination for your silicone mermaid tail. If you are working as a professional mermaid our silicone mermaid tops will make you the highlight while you are performing on your mermaid jobs – underwater and on land.

Create your individual look with our Silicone Mermaid Tops

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